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Elizabeth Akiya Chestnut
Southwest Cyberport
“the music, the music, theraputic value of music”
Damon Grossman
Highly Recommended
“Cameron is a great musician with a deep commitment to spiritual music. He did an amazing study of the meditative effects of Egyptian music on the body and mind. “
Jon Crowder
Peak Rhythms Inc
“Cameron is a musical gift. He has deep knowledge of and commitment to authentic culture and music that he shares with people across the US, Middle East, and world. I certainly recommend him. “
Dexter Payne
Dexter Payne Quintet
Highly Recommended
“Important work. Thanks to Cameron and Kristina for their creative vision, and to Meg, Pete and David for taking the torch.”
Tamariee Trogdon
Self-Knowing Life Coach
“When I worked with Cameron, I saw a beautiful, deep, kind and caring plus very musically knowledgeable and creative, passionate person. Highly recommended! I felt peaceful and happy just being around him. Such beautiful work he does on many levels. Very interesting and unique book especially if you’re musically inclined; check out his website, YouTube videos and teachings…you’ll probably learn something new and feel uplifted as well.”
Muhsin Al-Hashimi
“I have known Cameron for over 30 years. He is dedicated to any task he takes over. His integrity is unquestionable. “
Kevin Labbe
Labbe Studios
“Love the man and his dedication learned the ney from him back in the day”
Jeff Fountain
Fountain Chiropractic
“He is authentic. He loves the culture and music. He makes a difference by delivering love and beauty. “
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