Tessalin Green

Producer, Songwriter at MiddleStar Music, Boulder, Colorado.
Tessalin Green’s groundbreaking album, Till Then Becomes Now has been described as “a joy-ride on a rhodamine stream of pure elation.”

Tessalin’s Comments about Cameron:
“You may think you have a problem. Sit down with Cameron Powers and watch it dissolve in the nectar of wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of fearlessly living cross-culturally with heart blown open and music and sparkles spilling out.
In our many meetings Cameron has transported me to swirling eternally shifting desert lands and ancient mountains, transcending borders, where mysterious faces with deep smiling eyes open the mind and heart into the journey of intuitive knowing.
After an eye-to-eye meeting with Cameron you will enter your life renewed, with magnified vision for navigating the waters of human connection, sharing greater aliveness, joy and juice. I am forever grateful for his guidance.”

Guy Benintendi

Guy has delivered ambulances to war zones and founded sister cities. He and his Russian bride are inveterate world explorers and frequently move from one Sufi dance event to the next. Driving from London to Mongolia and camping in forty different countries along the way is normal for him.

He is an avid student of the longterm evolution of human culture and is regarded as an expert in current geo-political events.

Guy’s Comments about Cameron:
“It’s a funny thing, this being human. Sometimes we’re brilliant and see the world with great perspective; other times, when our mood is low we lose perspective and become self-absorbed in our own suffering. During one of these latter periods  Cameron Powers used his great wisdom, love, and understanding to help me gain perspective and find my equilibrium again. Cameron is one of the wisest people I’ve ever known. I recommend Cameron’s sage counseling to anyone experiencing a difficult period in life.”

Kristina Sophia

Kristina is co-founder, with her husband Cameron Powers, of the NGO Musical Ambassadors of Peace. She has traveled the musical worlds in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Lebanon and Syria and Iraq. She has identified as a singer since early childhood when her mother could always track her down by listening for her happily singing voice.

Kristina’s Comments about Cameron:
“What can I say this man has helped me more than any other person in my life. He is a fountain of practical wisdom, the kind that you walk away saying, why didn’t I see that?
We get so caught up in our stuff it is hard to see our way out. Cameron will help you, believe me.”

More Comments and Reviews of Cameron’s Life Coaching

Hi Cameron,
Thank you so much for all the time and knowledge you shared with me. You have a wonderful perspective and I love thinking in new ways about what’s important. I feel very mentally refreshed. It was perfect! I look forward to meeting again after I’ve processed things. I’ll be in touch after I return.
Thanks again.
Peace and love,

Looking back, the timing of our coaching session was perfect. I would very much like to get another coaching session with you. 
Thanks again for my last session: It was very beneficial.


Sitting down with Cameron Powers wasn’t at all what I expected in a life-coach session; although, I did not know what to expect anyway. Cameron has a different perspective on things due to his travels and his world view. He truly thinks, and helps me think, outside the box.

Cameron’s philosophy is love based, which I truly admire and strive to attain. Although not often easy, it is good for the soul.

I come away from a session with Cameron with different ways of looking at life and reassurances that I turn into Mantras for myself. Meeting with him every so often is a good thing to do.

It’s hard to describe the scope and wisdom of Cameron. I like to imagine it might be like sitting down to chat with John Lennon.

M. Henry


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