Here is an Invitation for You to ask Cameron to Journey with You into the depths of your own Mind and Soul…

Cameron is a Musician and a Linguist who learned from the ancient wisdom traditions of the Incas, the Greeks and the Egyptians From Very Close Up!

Sometimes Cameron can look at you through his Peruvian Inca eyes and see things that a North American would not…

Sometimes Cameron can look at you through his Greek eyes and see things that a North American would not…

Sometimes Cameron can look at you through his Egyptian eyes and see things that a North American would not…

Finally moving free from the tight confines of our own cultural programming, Cameron can help you escape into your own personal freedom!

Dealing with Fear… Dealing with the Shadow… Is Telepathy Real? Paths of Surrender… Trusting the Love…

What do men need to know about women? What do women need to know about men?

Relationships: from a millisecond to a lifetime! Managing Primal Energies… Sacred Flirtation… Deep Listening…

Where did Cameron receive his training? From dozens of amazing Incas, Greeks and Egyptians…

These people carry thousands of years of ancient wisdom… ancient wisdoms which have evolved in very different cultural crucibles…  quite distinctly different from wisdoms inherited from European legacies… And often so desperately needed to help make sense out of life here on planet earth…

Cameron has loved, talked, danced, sung and played with these ‘ordinary’ but amazing people and can personally represent and manifest their varied cultural soul wisdoms.

Brief View into Cameron’s Inca Connections in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador

Brief View into Cameron’s Greek Connections

Brief View into Cameron’s Egyptian Connections

My Inca Teacher
Alberto: Wide open emotional channels; no fear; so many tears shared… night after night under the stars

My Iraqi Teacher
Asaad: in history and spirituality the best educated person I know…

My Egyptian Teacher
Sabry: his struggles with poverty can never dim his love light

My Inca Teacher
Idelsa: such a natural open way of loving; telepathic sensuality; divine feminine

My Bedouin Egyptian Teacher
Ihab: tribal leader; from dancing with his children to looking out for his clan

My Egyptian Teacher
Isaam: compassion; sharing his tears he washes himself clean

My Iraqi Teacher
Suaad: mother; endless love and generosity

My Greek Teacher
Elli: endless knowledge, patience and love; ears and eyes open to all sides; 1923 refugee from Smyrna to Athens

My Greek Teacher
Yannis: another Zorba; communal host on the Island of Crete; Greek wisdom; Minoan wisdom; impeccable teacher

My Jordanian Bedouin Teachers
Hussein and Zeinab: generosity; deep ecstasy; desert dwellers; survivalists

My Egyptian Teacher
Ahmad: journalist; accuracy and depth; pure loving friendship

If we’re both in Colorado we can meet… If we are elsewhere we can use Skype… or another communication service…

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