Where did Cameron learn these secrets which make her and other women feel so comfortable!

Beth met Cameron on the dance floor and immediately sensed something…

Elizabeth Wilcock aka Beth Leone

Elizabeth Wilcock, formerly known as Beth Leone, is a mystic trail-blazer and creator of the Priestess Path Lineages of Light initiating women into the sacred and mystic arts. For most of her adult life she has trained with masters and grandmasters in shamanism, martial arts, qigong, while exploring the edges of the mystic envelope. She has five black belts in kung fu and is the first female master in her martial art organization, where she owned and operated five marital art schools and trained thousands of students. She is also an initiated priestess and combines her years of experience into her Priestess Path initiations. Her explorations have taken her to the tops of the Andes, into the jungles of Peru and into the depths and heights of the human soul.

Sadie Marquardt

Sadie Marquardt is a global Bellydance sensation. She has spent the last 10 years traveling the globe conducting workshops and shows in hundreds of cities across 40+ countries. She is the most-watched Bellydancer on YouTube with over 30 million hits on just one video alone.

Sadie is an inspiration and icon to her students and fans around the world and serves to empower people through the captivating art of Oriental Dance (Bellydance). She has produced dozens of bestselling instructional videos. She has represented the art of Oriental Dance in front of millions of viewers on the hit show “America’s Got Talent.”

Sadie is the founder and director of the “Raqs Flow” training program, which enriches students with a strong foundation in technique while keeping them engaged and connected to the dance’s culture and historical roots. She produces a variety of destination dance retreats around the world, taking her students on a deep journey and exploration of this incredible art form as well as their own inner selves.

Cheri Shanti

Part-time resident of Cuba and founder of The Wild and Wise Lifestyle, Cheri is author, event producer, and professional percussionist.

She has recorded 5 CD’s of original music and has shared the stage with members of ARU, String Cheese Incident, Royel Wooten of the Flecktones, The Motet, and many others. Cheri’s energy in the groove is contagious and inspiring.

Cheri has authored the following three books:
The Breath of Cuba: One Woman’s Love Affair with the Magic, Music and Men of Cuba

Muse Power: How Recreational Music Making Heals Us from Depression and other Symptoms of Modern Culture

Dream it! Live it!: How to Create a Masterpiece Life: One Dream at a Time



I enjoyed our session and left with some great new ways of thinking. As soon as I held a love-based attitude, I felt completely better. Not only that, voila! — things changed for the better. I also like the thought of not underestimating myself and of utilizing my strengths.
I think I have been projecting an “I am an unworthy beginner” message and I will strive to show more confidence.
Thank you again. You are very wise and speak from experience. Donna

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