Cameron Powers Projects

Cameron Powers Autobiography

Published by GL Design:
Love Without Borders
From Inca Lands to Iraqi Sands

Fear? Not Much. Fun? Oh yes!
Love? Lots!

Musical Ambassadors of Peace

Non-Profit Corporation

People who sing, play music, dance and drum together are less likely to war with one another!

Tried and True Musical Methods at work in Middle East, Latin America, Africa, USA!

Learn Arabic Music

Published by GL Design
Books and CD’s created by Cameron to facilitate the learning of Arabic Music

Playing for Dancers is Really Fun Deep Listening!

Life Coaching

It’s true… Cameron’s wealth of life experience has become valuable to others.

Let’s make a choice!


Music for Meditation, Massage, Yoga, Dance

Perfect Harmony makes all the difference!

Play the Nay

Published by GL Design
The famous mystical sound of the ancient Middle Eastern flute can be in your hands!

Magical sounds of air from ultimate delicacy of breath!

Naked Wild and Free in the Grand Canyon

Published by GL Design
Fifty years ago wild river rafting was open and free. Cameron wrote a book about it.

So many months on so many rivers with so many adventuresome people!

Baghdad and Beyond CD

Love songs from Iraq, Egypt, Greece and Lebanon

Touring through Egypt, Iraq, Syria, USA

Guitar Making

The Leda Guitars which Cameron made in 1970’s were featured in Playboy’s Oui Magazine.

Sexy Creativity!

Music Making

Cameron’s bands from 1958 thru 2017: recent video with Sherefe and the Habibis.

Music from Egypt, Iraq, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Syria, Greece, Lebanon

Cameron Health Updates

More than 10 surgeries later.

Cameron’s slow but steady healing process

Musical Caresses for your Soul

One of Cameron’s Recorded Sound Healing Sessions

Sacred Dance Moves!

Cameron Powers Project CD

Published by GL Design
Latest compositions performed by Cameron Powers Project Band

Composed with indigenous Egyptian music scales and rhythms!

Love Without Borders

From Inca Lands to Iraqi Sands

Travel adventure with love as the bottom line! After becoming a musician and a trained linguist Cameron found he had the tools to conquer the world… actually… merge with the beating hearts of the world… conquering is not the right word!

Wandering the world with wonderful women and musical instruments, “armed” with a willingness to learn languages, Cameron entered into an endless series of affairs of the heart.

Where? Travel with Cameron on his “Terrible Tours” which he ran through Mexico and Peru and Bolivia.

Explore the Athenian life and the Greek countryside with a marvelous adventure on the island of Crete!

And finally launch yourself through the Egyptian portal of ancient musical magic to explore Cairo, Thebes, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq! War zones can become peace zones and the non-profit organization “Musical Ambassadors of Peace” is born!

Hopelessly addicted to creativity… Books, Music, Video, Craftsmanship, Life Coaching, Musical Ambassador, Exploration, Love Love Love!

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