Cameron Powers

Wizard of Ancient Worldly Wisdom - Connecting the Dots ... What Can We Learn From Each Other?

Hopelessly addicted to creativity… Books, Music, Video, Craftsmanship, Life Coaching, Exploration, Love Love Love!


Cameron’s autobiography is ready and on sale!

Travel adventure with love as the bottom line! After becoming a musician and a trained linguist Cameron found he had the tools to conquer the world… actually… merge with the beating hearts of the world… conquering is not the right word!

Wandering the world with wonderful women and musical instruments, “armed” with a willingness to learn languages, Cameron entered into an endless series of affairs of the heart.

Where? Travel with Cameron on his “Terrible Tours” which he ran through Mexico and Peru and Bolivia.

Explore the Athenian life and the Greek countryside with a marvelous adventure on the island of Crete!

And finally launch yourself through the Egyptian portal of ancient musical magic to explore Cairo, Thebes, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq! War zones can become peace zones and the non-profit organization “Musical Ambassadors of Peace” is born!

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