Summer 1995:
Nile Village


tahrirSpring 2003:
Tahrir Square

stadFall 2003:
Cairo Stadium



Cameron Powers Project

A Musical Tribute to Ancient and Modern Peoples' Wisdom
in both Egypt and America

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Cameron Powers Project Band

Scott Bears, Gilly Gonzalez, Kristina Sophia, James Hoskins, Cameron Powers, Pete Jacobs

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A Thousand Faces of Love
August 6, 2016

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Sadie's Fundraiser for MMofP on March 7, 2015

Sadie Marquardt


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Recent Performance

CD Release Party at Caffe Sole

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Earlier Cameron Powers Project Band Performances in Colorado
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Recent performance review
by Band Member James Hoskins:

"Overwhelming Success!! So excited that we had such support, joy, enthusiasm, a full dance floor (the "Group-Waltz" at the end was a first to witness :-) and corroboration of Cameron Powers' vision of taking esoteric (at least for "Americans") middle-eastern scales and exotic (at least for "Americans"!) rhythms, and stringing them together as melodies, solos, and transitions to create a dynamic, propulsive, and sustainable DANCE PARTY!! I found myself marveling at folks happily dancing in 5, 7, 9, 10 + variations on syncopated 4's as we shifted gears throughout the night. One of the most enjoyable GiG experiences I've EVER had!"

Evolution of Cameron Powers Project:

1970's and 1980's: Study Arabic Music in the USA

1990's: Study Arabic Music in Egypt

"I will never forget singing a popular Egyptian song 
17 years ago for hundreds of people 
in a working-class village on the Nile
 and realizing that I was reaching Egyptians 
personally in a way that professional diplomats could not match.
- Cameron -- See Photo in Header Above

2000's: Study and Perform Arabic Music
in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, USA,
Venezuela, Mexico, Panama

"I will never forget singing Egyptian love songs
with crowds of Egyptian people almost 10 years ago in Tahrir Square 
to express our shared grief about the bombing of Baghdad.
- Cameron -- See Photo in Header Above
"I will never forget the feeling of unity from singing Egyptian music
for 60,000 Egyptians in the Cairo stadium
9 years ago and hearing them all sing along with me.
- Cameron -- See Photo in Header Above

2010's: compose 18 new songs
in 18 different Egyptian musical modes, or "maqams"


Brief History of Involvement in Arab World
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Reclaiming Ancient Sacred Music

Mathematically Perfect Harmonies
Compositions Based on Genuine Traditional Music
from the Indigenous Middle East

Ancient Perfect Harmonies: Wavelengths of Any Two Notes in Scale Line Up

They Amplify and Reinforce Each Other

What is Ancient
Mathematically-Perfect Harmony?
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This is what 2 perfectly
harmonious notes look like!

Modern Western Equal Tempered Scale: Wavelengths Never Line Up

They Conflict and Cancel Each Other Out

We are Bringing Truly Sacred Musical Intervals
Into Western Consciousness and Practice.
This is a Deep Scientifically-Based Resonance
Which can Facilitate Personal and Global Healing.

Future Goals

1) Continue to perform
and record recent "Egyptian" compositions
for listening and dancing audiences in Colorado

2) Record and perform recently-composed 18 songs in Egypt
with both American musicians and Egyptian musicians
-- all in Egyptian scales and styles

3) Tour globally with Egyptian and American musicians... the world can see the beauty which comes from
a deep cross-cultural musical love affair...
...honoring ancient music traditions...

The Young Egyptian People
The Young American People

Filled with Young and Fresh Healthy Ideas

Both Have Spoken

The Cameron Powers Project Honors
The Ancient Wisdom and Music of the East
Learns to Embody it's Deep Harmonies Here in the West

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