Live Egyptian-Inspired Ecstatic Trance Dance Music


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 "There is a voice that all beings on this planet have in common, and that is the voice of music. The Music inherent within our planet can and does manifest in every one of us to some degree. And we all know that music can lift our spirits above and beyond any dissent and creates bridges of peace. Every person has a need to sing, dance, or play music at some time in their life. The vibrations of music can open doors that otherwise might be shut down. For those who don't know Cameron Powers, let me introduce him to you. As musical ambassador he has found his life's work promoting peace through music. Listen to what he says and join in as you can. Composer and a fine tuned musician he has a beautiful vision. He also has some of the most talented and dedicated musicians I have ever had the joy of listening and dancing to. How fun, to help people and dance that song!" -- Peggy O'Neil

What a superb dance last night!!!!!
Thanks to you and Kristina and all who made such a magical evening possible!!!
Blessings, Serena!